Canadian Advantage: Identity preservation

Canadian regulations ensure that the customer receives the high-quality product for which they pay.  At every step in its journey from farm to grain elevator to malt company, barley crop samples are taken, documented and tested for quality factors (e.g., variety, protein, moisture, plumpness, foreign materials, germination, freedom from heat damage).  All along the route, checks are made to ensure that no substitutions of inferior grain have been made.  These procedures ensure that the grain originally identified for processing into malt is the product that ends up in the hands of the brewer. Part of the Canadian grain handling industry is devoted to ensuring that our products are not mixed or comingled.  We take it seriously that customers be assured of where their barley and malt originate.  Our industry works to ensure that – from field to bottle – we know our products’ origins and can demonstrate their identity during every step of their journey to the customer. A key player in ensuring a top quality product is the Canadian Grain Commission.  This federal government department regulates the grain handling industry and is the official certifier of Canadian grain.  It implements a system of grading and inspection that governs handling, transportation and storage of grain.  The Commission carries out research aimed at building understanding of all aspects of grain quality and grain safety, and to support the grain grading system.